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Hokori-JI, "A Speck of Dust" Temple, is a Zen Community located in the heart of Central Florida, with our new location in Lakeland now open.

We come together in an open and welcoming environment to practice in the Zen tradition of the White Plum Sangha, as founded by the Venerable Taizan Maezumi Roshi, and the Red Thread Zen Circle of our own teacher, Lou Mitsunen Nordstrom Roshi.

We wholeheartedly take up the practice of Zen to study and realize the self, and to embody the wisdom and compassion that flows from the insight that all beings are Buddha. We Vow to directly face our life, to ask life's most fundamental questions and to liberate ourselves and others. 


We do Zazen (sitting meditation), Kinhin, (walking meditation), Chanting services, face to face interview with our teacher, retreats, work practice, body practice (Qigong/Yoga) and discussion groups. 

We welcome you to join us at whatever level of practice and commitment you wish. We also invite those from various traditions to join us to practice as well.

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